Chiropractic Billing & Coding

We Take The Uncertainty Out Of Dealing With
Insurance and Attorneys

Just in case you haven’t figured it out yet, there are some things that you weren’t taught in chiropractic college. The purpose of the schools is to prepare you to pass the national board examinations and get a license to practice. And overall they do a fine job.

lawyerBut chiropractic college is a protected academic environment. Once you start into practice, you are thrust headlong into the cold, cruel world of business. Not only are you faced with the challenges and frustrations of a regular business, you are also faced with the alien world of insurance and attorneys.

Now, there are only two ways to learn how to navigate in this world. One is by training and the other is by trial-and-error. And let me assure you … trial-and-error is the most expensive and must frustrating way to get this highly specialized information.

How do I know that? Because we had to learn it by the trial-and-error method ourselves. Click this link for our story

Fortunately, we survived and prospered, started teaching others and over the years we have helped hundreds and hundreds of chiropractors get their share of the pie.

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Chiropractic Billing & Coding

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