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Don't Get Stuck with Chiropractic Billing Software that's Clumsy, Inefficient, Overpriced, Oversold, Under Supported and
Overkill for Your Practice

We Had to Solve Our Own Problem

When I started in practice we were typing insurance claims on a manual typewriter and getting insurance denials left and right.

To solve this problem, I took the long way around. I developed my own software. And the results were almost magic. By being able to manipulate the way the claim form was completed, we were able to start getting our claims paid in 6 days mailbox-to-mailbox. And that was with paper claims!

Has Your Software Lived Up to it's Promise?

Are you stuck with software that was oversold and much too expensive and loaded with a boatload of usless never used features?

Is it clumsy and inefficient taking multiple steps to accomplish the simplest task?

Is your support by live chat or does it takes days to get a call back on service?

Are the ongoing support fees outrageous?

What Efficient Design and Insurance Know-How Can Do For You

ChiroWise has a simplistic design that avoids complicated screens, disconnected choices and unnecessary steps. The entering of a patient visit can be done using only the number pad.

The filing of insurance claims is dead on. The insurance companies are able to process ChiroWise claims because they are completed the way they want them. The result is a quick turn around on your money (or your patient's).

Dr Hodges

Today I am inputting a check from Medical Mutual ... the claims were mailed on August 29th. [Today is September 13- thats 15 days mailbox to mailbox]  As I have already said....when you get outstanding software you get outstanding results! (remember we mail paper claims and receive paper EOB's and checks)

Also I was training someone new to be a fill-in if I am ever out of the office. She was "struck" by how easy the program is to learn and to work.  She had worked in another office with Dr. Jim and was upset at what she felt was lack of training there ..... at the end of our day she felt confident that she would be able to function by herself.  And she commented on how good the software was and how it made it easy to work.  Keep up the excellent are greatly appreciated! 

I appreciate the fact that we rarely need to use Shiela...because we have a software and training that helps us get it done right the first time. 


Chiropractic Billing Software Should Be Part of a Complete System

ChiroWise is, of course, more than an insurance filing system ... it is a complete chiropractic office software system that includes insurance consulting.

Patient Accounting

ChiroWise will track your patient services and payments. Data entry is simplified with a numerical system. Retrieve patients, enter and save services by using the key pad alone.

ChiroWise has built in checks that prevents common data entry and insurance errors.

The patient's ledger displays the status of insurance filing.

Print statements to your patients on plain paper - no expensive forms to buy. Statements fold to fit a standard window envelope.

ChiroWise can manage your escrow accounts if you collect for services in advance. (The reports that are generated are based on the Alabama requirements for escrow reporting).

Clean Paper Claims

When a claim gets to the insurance company it is divided into one of two categories - "clean" or "dirty". Dirty claims get lost, reviewed or sent to the bottom of the pile and delayed. Sometimes they even end up in the trash! Clean claims are claims that the scanners can read and they get preferential treatment and speedy payment.

ChiroWise checks the information in the patient's file before claims are printed for that patient and creates a report. Claims with errors are not printed until the information is corrected.

The ability to create a "clean" claim is a ChiroWise speciality.

Electronic Claims and Electronic Posting

ChiroWise completes the electronic claim that you send to the clearing house or directly to the insurance company. Since your claims go direct, there is no chance that your claims can get lost or mis-directed in the mail.

Electronic claims receive priority processing. Paper claims are processed at the insurance company only after manual sorting and batching.

If your claim is rejected, it has to be returned to you for correction -  this can take several days, even weeks with paper claims. With electronic submisison, you know right away if a claim is rejected.   

Filing claims electronically eliminates time wasted on mail float. Instead of the usual 45 day turnaround to receive funds, you can receive payment and an EOB in as little as 7-14 days.

Processing claims electronically allows you to receive your remittances (the EOB) electronically as well. ChiroWise can read this EOB and put the payments into the patient ledgers, calculate and apply any writeoffs, tag the claims and services as having been paid together with the Claim Adjustment Reason Codes so that any secondary claims can be filed without editing.

Practice Management

At the end of each day it is normal procedure to print the day sheet. It lists all the transactions that were recorded during the day. Each patient is detailed showing what services were performed and the fee that was charged for each service. All payments received during the day are listed. Services are broken down by the type of service. Monies that were received are listed by category. Totals for adjustments, therapies and new patients are shown.

The accounts receivable report lists all patients that have a non-zero balance ... a key tool in managing your accounts.

All claims that have been filed are tracked and a delinquent claims report is generated for claims that should have been paid within a certain time period.

ChiroWise tracks sales tax and generates a sales tax report to aid in reporting.

Management Reports may be generated for any span of dates ... weekly, monthly, quarterly even yearly.

ChiroWise generates many reports that will keep your chiropractic office running smoothly. Specifically, some of these reports are designed to keep insurance claims from "falling through the cracks".

Appointment Scheduling

With ChiroWise you can schedule patient appointments. Different types of appoinments are color coded and can span different amounts of time. The scheduler can have multiple columns e.g. different columns for massage or a different column for each doctor - your choice.

Schedules can be printed and individual appointments can have memos attached.

Patients can be sent email reminders of their appointments.

The status of each appointment can be viewed on the screen. Missed appointments are tracked.

Multiple appointments can be made for patients in a single step.

Vitamin Sales Tracking

Vatimin sales are an important part of many chiropractic offices. ChiroWise will track vitamin sales, calculate profits, calculate sales tax and produce a list of products that need to be reordered when inventories get low.


At ChiroWise we feel that when you call a support line you should be able to talk to someone. You should not have to send an email, log into "live chat" or submit a "support ticket" and wait for a response only to have your question left unanswered.

You should not have to listen to the "recently updated menu options", push a bunch of buttons in the idiot loop and end up leaving a message for a call back. Then when you finally get a call back you end up talking to a "tech" with a heavy accent reading from a "knowledge base."

If you want to test our support call me at 770-478-2191. You stand a 95% or better change that there will be someone there you can talk to right then. Our support calls are never routed overseas.

Insurance Consulting

At ChiroWise we have been teaching insurance workshops and consulting with chiropractors all over the country for many years. Part of our support services is insurance consulting at no additional charge. Our insurance knowhow and ability can be an invaluable asset for your office.

The software you use in your office is the tool you use to dig the gold. The wrong software can raise the frustration level of the doctor, lead to staff burn-out and cost the clinic time and money.

With ChiroWise you can have a completed day sheet on the first day and be filing claims.

If you end up with any other software you may very well end up making the same mistakes you are making now ... just more efficiently.

Get Started Now

The software with installation and training is only $2850.00 (sales tax not included) and includes:

We accept cash, check and credit cards (Master Card, Visa, Discover and American Express).

Financing may be obtained through leasing. We can help arrange leasing for you.

To place and order, ask a question or request a demonstration packett call our office at 770-478-2191